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This is how it works

This intense 8 week program provides you and a small group of peers with the unique opportunity to receive a full-time training. During this time you will acquire the skillset you need to kick-start your career as a software developer.

Prove your ambition and motivation, master the coding trials and grasp the opportunity to receive a permanent work contract as a software developer at Tabit GmbH.

The Coding Bootcamp will take place at the Tabit Campus in Munich, Germany. Due to the currently high uncertainty regarding travel restrictions for international participants, we will publish the exact starting date as soon as there is more clarity. So stay tuned!

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How is it different from other programs?

Rewarding and likewise challenging, fast track opportunity to advance your career as a developer

100% free of charge once you have been admitted to the program

Free board and lodging at your own serviced apartment during your participation in the program

Live and study with your peers

Enjoy the perfect environment to excel during your training

Three steps to start your career

Admission to our coding bootcamp:

We are looking for candidates with at least a basic skillset in software development, extraordinary ambition and motivation:

  • Your application
    This includes your CV and a motivation letter to let us understand why you want to join this program.
  • Programming test
    We evaluate your existing coding skills to make sure that you have the necessary basics to master the three coding trials and become a full-time software developer at Tabit Gmbh.
  • Interview (on-campus or Skype)
    We would like to get to know you personally. This will be your final interview, which goes more into depth and also gives you the opportunity for a first encounter with your trainer.
  • Your admission
    Congratulations – you are now a member of the coding gladiators!

Bootcamp training:

The training you are receiving differs significantly from traditional programing classes that you might be familiar with by making use of the accelerated learning* approach:

  • Guidance by our senior mentors with extensive work experience in projects for renowned companies.
  • Concepts are not only being taught, but immediately followed by exercises so you can truly grasp and incorporate what you learned.
  • Practice-oriented sessions instead of only dry theory.
  • Training sessions act as a turbo boost for your skill set, enabling you to work in challenging projects for high profile clients.
  • Weekly feedback loops with your mentor in order to enhance your personal development.
  • Turn your knowledge into fully operational skills that let you contribute to a project’s success.

Your career as Tabit software developer:

After you successfully graduated from our coding bootcamp, you are welcome to start your career at Tabit GmbH:

  • Actively participate in challenging projects for medium-sized companies to multinational corporations.
  • Monthly trainings are part of your personal development plan and ensure you keep on expanding and improving your
  • We also encourage you to keep on learning and diversifying your skill-set by sponsoring e.g. relevant books or certifications in order to boost your professional career.
  • Enjoy the Tabit community with our routinely team activities like excursion, sporting events or get togethers.

What does a day at the Tabit Bootcamp look like?

  • 07:30 Fuel your engines
    Breakfast at the Tabit Campus with your peers
  • 08:00 Getting started
    Daily Standup (revision and answering open question)
  • 08:15 Start morning coding session
    Introduction to new challenge
  • 12:00 Lunch break with your peers
    Clear your head
  • 12:45 Start afternoon coding session
    Work on this day’s task / weekly project
  • 16:15 Exchange with your mentor and peers
    Reflect on today’s topics
  • 16:45 Afternoon Pause
    Clear your head
  • 17:30 Homework
    Get group work / daily task / weekly task finished, prepare for next day
  • 19:30 Fun time
    e.g. Team event „LAN Party“ , dinner with your peers

Tabit Bootcamp Timeline

Tabit Bootcamp Timeline

Tabit Bootcamp Advantages

You will learn what it really takes to be successfull in a software development team. This not only includes hard coding skills but also soft skills like communication and consulting training.

The bootcamp provides an environment to immediately talk about concepts and figure out solutions.

You can achieve full immersion without any distractions by living close-by the bootcamp campus with your peers, thus enabling you to bond with your team and to assist each other when it suits you.

To prepare you for the exciting life of a software developer the bootcamp is built around a real life example of a complex software project.

Through a more structured learning experience and the mentorship of knowledgeable instructors you will receive a high-end training.

The 100% free bootcamp as well as the free board and lodging are a statement of the trust we have in you.


What is accelerated learning?
Our approach to teaching has an emphasis on accelerating and deepening your learning, in contrast to just increasing the amount of taught material.

That way, we shorten the time needed for you to master new skills and to apply them effectively on your work.
By teaching you on examples that are inspired by real life projects, you achieve a highly effective training that enables you to contribute to our high profile clients’ projects right after the successful graduation of our program.

And by teaching you on examples that are inspired by real life projects, you receive a highly effective training that enables you to contribute to our high profile clients’ projects right after the successful graduation of our program.

Who can apply?
Anybody who already has a background in IT, for example by holding a university degree or having finished an apprenticeship in informatics.

Do I need to speak German?
No. The entire application process and teaching modules will be conducted in English.

Why is there an admission test?
We want to ensure a - to a certain degree - level playing field for all participants, so that the training can be conducted in an as highly effective and efficient manner as possible.

What does the admission test look like?
The test consists of a series of coding tasks that candidates are asked to solve within a given timeframe. The bootcamp mentors will assess your work in order to determine your current skill level and eligibility for participation in the coding bootcamp.

Will I receive a salary during the bootcamp?
No. We provide you with the opportunity to participate tuition fee-free in a high-class training for software developers taught by experts in their field. On top of that, you do not have to worry about housing during the time of your participation in the bootcamp, as you will be living for free at the Tabit Campus.

What is included in the free board and lodging?
Every participant will be living for free in an apartment and receive means to cover their basic dietary needs during the time of his/her participation in the training.

What happens if I fail in one of the three coding challenges?
Participants that fail in a coding challenge will be expelled from the rest of the program and can no longer participate in the training. We therefore encourage all participants to make use of the given learning environment, to benefit from the advantage of having a group of peers where individuals can learn from each other and to grasp the opportunity of getting advice from the experts that are teaching the modules. They will always have an open ear for your questions and guide your way through the program.


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Contact person: Florian Knittl,, +49 89 381 56 93 90.